May 19th, 2008

Methos - Darkness

What Year?

Anyone know offhand what year the flashback of Duncan's in 'Comes a Horseman' was set? The one where he was tracking 'Melvin' [g] And what state/territory? I'm pondering something and I'm at work so can't pop in a DVD.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Hyper Brain

I have four stories actively battling for my thoughts. So in leaps hither and fro, I'm mentally composing all of them. At any given moment I'm in Malibu present day, New Mexico 1866, California 1817, and in San Francisco in the 24th century. Ack! My brain's going to 'splode!
Vintage - Orange Nude

A Little Scared

I have never seen so many 'Bones' posts on my f'list after an ep has finished on the East coast ever. Now I'm a little scared to watch it! And I'm resisting the urge -- mightily! -- to click on the spoiler cuts. [clenches hands into fists]