May 17th, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

So Many Posts!

Dang, for a Saturday, people have been chatty! Couldn't believe how many posts there were on my f'list!

I remembered I forgot to talk about how awesome Grey's Anatomy has been the last few weeks. I haven't seen any posts about it on my f'list, so I haven't had anyone to talk about it with. Waiting for pat_t to catch up so I can bug her :)

Trying to decide which icons to delete so I can make room for some of the new Iron Man ones I made last night. (Turns out ninjababe made some too, so go look!) The one I'm using as my new default is the only one I've uploaded so far. I hate deleting icons! We're going to see the movie again Monday night! Decided our one movie theater would be a zoo today.

[happy dance] for dying my hair today! Way too much grey showing. Bleah. Also have grocery shopping on the list and lots and lots of laundry. But that won't get done till later tonight when we can get near the laundry room. Going to make potato salad for dinner, with either a bbq chicken or cold cuts. And some sliced cucumber. And I'm going to make from scratch lemon pudding for desert. Nin approves [g]

Okay, now I have to turn the 'puter over to ninjababe