May 16th, 2008

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Two For One Fic Post

So this is what it's like to write in a 'live' fandom, huh? Wow! So many comments on my Iron Man fic! I've had 400 hits on and am surprised at all the comments I've gotten there and here on LJ. It's an interesting experience. But true to form, I started wondering about Methos meeting Tony Stark...hmmmmmm.....

Which leads me to...

A poll! Now that I've finally finished 'I Remember You Not Fondly, I'm trying to decide what to work on next.

What should I write next?

The next Queen of Swords story.
The followup to 'Live To Tell' in the 'Emily' series. Methos & Emily finally meet again.
A story explaining the events leading up to 'He's a Pirate' & Methos' relationship with Charlotte Sparrow.
The sequel to 'I Remember You Not Fondly'.
Something else I will inform you of in the comments.
Ticky, ticky, ticky room!
Wench, more rum!
Where's the pie?
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Where's a Cabana Boy When You Need One?

I could sure use some palm frond waving right about now. 93 freaking degrees! The apartment's going to be miserable when I get home. Nin went to work at 2pm, so only the windows have been open, with no fans of the front door. And I still need to make the walk there from here.

I'm thinking of making some Iron Man icons when I get home, though they'll probably look like everyone else's considering the limited amount of pics out there. And Methos and Tony have been talking -- a lot. Damn them. So yeah, there be more fic in the future.

Ah well, back to invoicing and imagining those cabana boys.

A bit later: meant to mention, for those that don't know, there's a Tony/Pepper comm - tonypepper. And I found out visiting the official site, that Pepper is only a nickname. 'Virginia' is her first name.
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Two Hours

I just spent the last two hours poring over the Iron Man movie site for caps. All done as print screens since the whole site is flash. Bah! Now eating left over pizza and then will work on some icons!