May 15th, 2008

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Help Me!

Nin's cell phone alarm works quite well. It went off in the living room a little after 230am. After getting up to turn it off, I couldn't get back to sleep. So I started angsting over earthquakes, and trying to decide if the new advised method of getting next to an interior wall for protection is really better than the old get under the door frame. I've had that one drilled into my brain from the time I would walk. Hard to switch, you know? And what constitutes the inner wall is right next to the furnace/hot water heater. Hmmmm... And during Loma Prieta, I was being thrown around so much, I barely got to the door frame as it was!

So, yes, I was pondering such things, and at 4am, I decided I needed to distract myself. And what did I start doing? Mentally writing Iron Man fic! GAH! And it's shippy and I'm never going to get Nin so stop laughing at me at this rate. But since it's technically her fault... Anyway, I figured it would get it out of my system, mentally composing, but I woke up with it still fresh in my brain and I'm actually tempted to write the wretched thing.

So I need an intervention. Help me stop the madness!

[sighs pathetically]
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'Of Ninjas & High Heels' (01/01)

Hey, I asked for an intervention, so you have only yourselves to blame! :) A lunch hour ficlet.

Rating: PG13
Notes: Yes, it's Iron Man fic, yes, it's shippy! And yes, I know I don't usually ship anyone, but this seems to be the exception. Pure fluffy ficlet written to get it out of my head. It's all ninjababe's fault!
Characters: Tony/Pepper
Summary: Tony and Pepper discuss the talents of ninjas. Well, sort of.

Of Ninjas & High Heels

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