May 11th, 2008

Forever Knight - Master

A Little

I did get a little bit more done on 'Fondly' last night. It's been a long time since I've written so much LaCroix, so I'm getting back into the swim of it, as it were. I'll work on some more tonight and see if I can't get more accomplished!
Quote - Shall Not Pass!


At some point today, I saw a fic posted that was Torchwood/Blake's 7, Toshiko/Avon. I was going to go back and and take a look after Nin went to work. But I can't find it now!! I went back through my f'list three times, and checked comms it might have been posted to, and nothing. I finally see fic that looks promising, and then it disappears [sigh]
Forever Knight - Janette Hat


I made ninjababe Welsh Rarebit for her pre-work meal, then sent her off to work. I then made a big honking batch of macaroni and cheese -- w/extra cheese, of course! Spit out out to five loaf pans, and while waiting for it cool, divided up the Carne Asada I made yesterday. Got nine portions out of that, and they are all nestled in the freezer, followed by the mac and cheese containers. I then got my yogurt ready for tomorrow. Blackberry and peach this time. I mushed the peaches in the food processor, and used the muddler on the blackberries. I've loaded the dishwasher twice, but leaving a few of the pots for Nin to wash tomorrow.

I really have the urge to watch Forever Knight. Like powerfully so [g] I may give in and watch a few, though I'm not sure which ones. Fate Worse Than Death most likely, maybe A More Permanent Hell, and Fever. And I need to work on 'Fondly'.
Forever Knight - Forever

Forever Knight Online

Joost appears to be similar to Huloo, or whatever it's called, that Highlander is on. They have 42 episodes of Forever Knight available to watch for free in streaming format. Check it out! Forever Knight is probably my most favourite show ever, and I'm always trying to pimp it out :)

Of what they have available, I'd rec:

A Fate Worse Than Death
Be My Valentine
Curiouser and Curiouser
Stranger Than Fiction
A More Permanent Hell
Father's Day
Close Call

Or, you could just watch them all :) A Fate Worse Than Death is probably my favourite of the lot. (written by Gillian Horvath, as was Fever, Francesca, and Father's Day)

I just watched A More Permanent Hell, and next up is Blood Money.