May 10th, 2008

Taste - Taste of Summer


I pledged I'd stop being lazy and get back to cooking large batches to stock up the freezer. First up, I just put a 4lb chuck roast into the crockpot to turn into Carne Asada. It has peppers, chili powders, onions, garlic, and it will cook about 6 hours. Tomorrow, I'm making a big batch of macaroni and cheese to freeze in those foil loaf pans. Then I can just pull one from the freezer and pop in the oven.

But I began my cooking day by making a Lemon-Berry Puff Pancake. It was kinda like a lemon Yorkshire pudding. It was yummy!

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I used Blackberries and extra powdered sugar [g] And served it with apple wood smoked bacon. It was supposed to serve 4, but Nin and I finished it off all by ourselves!

Now, I'm waiting for the milk to cool to make this week's batch of yogurt. By the time I'm done cleaning the kitchen, it should be ready.
Japan - Lips

Now What?

I've pretty much done all my assigned tasks, including beta reading for dejla. I'm just waiting for the Carne Asada to be done, which will be another few hours. I even remembered to eat! [nom noms sourdough and cheese]

So now, do I read, write, or watch a DVD? Or I could make more food for freezer. Nin wants Pinto Beans and Caramelized Onions.