May 9th, 2008

Media - Bambi Butterfly

Iron Man

We did go and I did enjoy it. Even Gwenyth Paltrow didn't annoy me like she usually does. And yes, we stayed through the credits, though not having any prior knowledge of the comic books, it meant nothing to me [g] But Nin explained in the car.

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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


Pillaged from arenee1999

What 5 series/books/movies can you rewatch/reread time and again?

Lord of the Rings: I usually reread it every year.
Highlander: I rewatch the Methos episodes several times a year.
Firefly: I usually end up watching it at least once a year.
Pirates of the Caribbean: gets rewatched a lot!
Bridget Jones's Diary: my annual Xmas movie, or if I'm depressed.