May 1st, 2008

Grey's - Ruler of All Evil


My hellacious yesterday carries over to today, made worse by the fact that with the voicemail still being broken, our Sales guy just left on vacation.

So distract me!

Ask me the seven questions below. Just copy and paste them into a comment, replace the blanks with anything you want--personal, silly, surreal (e.g. 3. Donkeys or sandcastles and why?), or deep--and I'll answer honestly as I can! Then post this in your own LJ and see what kind of things people want to ask you!

1. What do you think of _____________ ?

2. When did you last ____________?

3. __________ or ___________ and why?

4. What did you ______________?

5. What's your favorite ______________?

6. How would you ______________?

7. Who would you most like to ________ ?

Pillaged from beeej & bleukittie
Taste - Tea


No lunch break today. Too busy and no office coverage.

Sleepy and cold. I just can't seem to get warm today.

Waiting for endodontist to call back. Tooth is still hurting and I'm extremely anxious about what comes next.
Forever Knight - Janette Wine


New Grey's and Ugly Betty tonight! I'm going to be noble and wait till Nin gets home to watch. We get the Atlanta feed for ABC, so Grey's starts in five minutes.

Right now, I'm attempting to drink my tooth pain away. I should probably eat something too. I really wish I could write, but I just feel drained the last week or so. About all I seem to be able to do lately is sit and watch the TV :) But I promise I'll try and get my oomph back soon.

Never got a call back from endodontist, so I'm still up in the air there.

Looking around apartment and it's a mess and I have company arriving Saturday. I bet I'll end up getting up early Saturday to clean. Or stay up late tomorrow night. I just can't be bothered right now.

Why can I suddenly smell nutmeg?