April 30th, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

April Recs

Just made my last rec post to hl_recs, so here's my April recap:

The Myth of Methos, by Quicksilver
Something Borrowed, Something Blue, by Gillian Leeds
Storms in the Desert, by Kristen Murphy
A Kindness of Ravens, by Dejla
Let There Be Light, by Ecolea
A Wing's Shadow, by jinxed_wood
Olive Branch, by Keerawa
The Wine of Wrath, by Amonitrate
Consequences, by Jen Allen

I had a bunch more to rec, but RL got in the way, so I signed up again and have been assigned November.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

I Hate That

You just discover a product you really like, and when you got to buy more, find out it's been discontinued! Last year, at Bath & Body works, I bought a shower gel form a new line they were carrying, Aquatanica Spa. I really liked it it -- it had a fresh oceany sorta scent, made with seaweed and other sea type ingredients. I went to the website, and they've discontinued it! The bottle said it was a line from France, but it looks like it was actually made by B&B W since I can't find it anywhere else but on Ebay. I'm bummed. My favourite showergel by Aveda (sage and cedar), which I'd used for years, was discontinued last year, and this was what I'd replaced it with. To add insult to injury, the B&B site recommended I try instead one of their other lines, which they claim is similar, but it's almond scented! Bleah! Almonds do not smell like the ocean where I come from.

/ticked off
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Help Me Out?

I'm participating in the relaunched occhallenge table format. I have a character claim for Isabelle Helm for Queen of Swords, and a general Highlander claim for the rest of my OCs. What I've been doing is posting one introductory story for each character I have. So far, no problem, since most of my OCs have relatively few stories to their name. But now I'm up to Triona, my oldest OC. I've been writing her for twelve years, and have no idea what a good introductory story for her would be. So for those of you who read my 'Bloodties' series, which of the dozens to choose from would you pick as the story to introduce the character?

Thanks for your help!