April 21st, 2008

Vintage - Stays

For Once

I actually ate dinner by six. I was starving! Just used some corn tortillas and made something of a sandwich with scrambled eggs and cheese. It wasn't bad.

Nin's at work tonight, so I hope to get some writing done. But my mind has been uncooperative. For some reason, I'm obsessed with researching something that I need to know for a Queen of Swords fic. But it isn't even something that happens in the next one, but the third one! Does anyone else get sidetracked by future fic?

There's been talk in several places about email being even less than usual, and lack of LJ comments. Is the internet shifting again? With more and more people using cell phone type things for access, is that morphing where we spend our internet time? I moved over to LJ from email because it seemed most people I knew had moved there. Even just the week I've been on Twitter, I can see how it could soak up a lot of what used to go in LJ posts or an email. Just wondering :)

And YAY!! New Grey's Anatomy on Thursday! [does happy dance]

[waves] to anyone else around tonight.
Nature - Sleepy Otter

Met My Goal...

and now I'm like the sleepy otter!

Got about 1000 words written on the next part of 'Fondly', so 19 is shaping up nicely. If things work out, maybe I'll have it posted before we go out of town Friday. I'll try, at least.

ninjababe will be home soon, which means it's bedtime for me.