April 14th, 2008

Nature - Sleepy Otter

That's Me

Well, I'm not an otter, but I am sleepy. I decided the otter icons I made this weekend were just so cute, I had to use one myself!

Today is the exact opposite of yesterday. It's cold and foggy and totally dreary. Well, at least it held off till Monday.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Being Friendly

Pillaged almost in its entirety from kalquessa because I'm basically lazy and her memory appears to be as bad as mine [g]

Hi, friends list! There are a bazillion and a half of you! Wow. And I have a really terrible memory, so I have a hard time remembering who you all are sometimes, and which fandoms I have in common with whom, and I'm kind of curious where I came by most of you, because I can't remember in many cases. Some of you just flit by now and again, which is always a treat, and some of you have become regulars on my comment threads, which is its own kind of yay. Anyway, to steal the words of the meme:

I'd really appreciate if all of you f'list folks, wherever you fall on the spectrum, would come on by and say "hi" here. (Re)-introduce yourself, maybe mention how you ended up friending me, any fandoms we may share, tell me something random about yourself, whatever you like.

In other words, talk to me, peeps!
QoS - Helm Shoot Low

My Carrot

Since I set myself a goal of finishing "Fondly" before its first year anniversary, I decided I needed a carrot. And the carrot is starting the next Queen of Swords story! Actually, it's the stick too, since I won't let myself start it till the other is done. My own personal reward system. But a little teaser... the opening scene involves Montoya's horse eating Isabelle's hat. See? Something a little lighter than what I have been writing. What a relief!