April 8th, 2008

Vintage - Scottish Dancers

State of Mind

I'm going to try and work on 'Fondly' tonight, but I need to get into the right mind space. The rather lovely Malbec I'm drinking is helping with that :)

Tonight, I found a wine dealer here in California that sells Normandy hard cider. Something I've wanted to try for ages. I should have my bottles next week.

Did anyone else see the little ballroom dancers on Dancing With the Stars tonight? How adorable were they?!? I wish I'd been that poised at eight years old.

Ack! 'So Close' on the iTunes. I'm going to be weepy now. But that's probably a good thing considering.

Seriously, I need to cut my nails. They grow like freaking weeds, and they are all ready interfering with typing!