April 6th, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Too True

I just stumbled across the 'A Doctor Who Fan's Guide to Dealing with Doctor Who Fans' today, though I'm sure everyone else and their mother has seen it before now. The whole thing is funny, but a few things made me laugh out loud.

"Oh my god, I hate JNT"

Gods, yes! I remember those sorts of rants vividly. Except then, we didn't have the internet, so people would save up their rage in the months between cons and then vent spectacularly once at the con.

although 'common knowledge' may state that Colin Baker was the worst doctor, this is not always the case in Doctor Who fandom and Six-Fanciers have been known to take down an unwary critic faster than a Raston Warrior Robot on a cocaine fuelled bender.

[nods] No kidding! And he was too the worst Doctor [ducks]

ANYTHING CAN BE A SPOILER! Casting news? SPOILER! Sun-based rumour? SPOILERZ! A picture of RTD sitting naked in a bathtub filled with his television awards cackling away to himself? ZOMG SP01LARZ!!

Ain't that the truth?

Which reminds me. One day, I need to remember to share my Sgt. Benton story.