March 29th, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

So Far Behind

I just added then last two chapters of 'I Remember You Not Fondly' to and the Highlander fic archive. And as I was finishing up, I realized just how woefully behind I am in updating my archive. I haven't updated since last summer!! GAH! And the longer I put it off, the more work it is. It's like filing, another chore I put off for too long most times. I have something like fifteen stories to add. Not to mention I need to create a whole new section for the Queen of Swords fic [sighs dramatically] Well, I've been thinking I should take a break from writing 'Fondly' anyways, so I suppose that's a good excuse to be HTML girl this weekend.
Methos - Shadow

'Doesn't Have to Be This Way'

This song, by Alison Krauss, is just screaming for fic.

Sometimes I wonder where you’re coming from
when you roll in like thunder just to turn around and run…
it’s a good thing I don’t need you to stay

You smell like moonlight in early morning rain
Pray tell a fool might surrender to your pain
Or find a cure for your decay

You’re at your best with an ache in your chest
and that worn out old song that you play
Only Jesus and you who long to teach us
should no one be left to betray

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Vintage - Orange Nude


ninjababe is always sneaking music into my iTunes folder. Recently, she put in some Depeche Mode, which I'm finding oddly addictive and fitting to my mood. Right now, it's 'The Love Thieves'.
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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

'I Remember You Not Fondly' (16/20)

I don't think many people are actually still reading this, but for those of you who have stuck it out, thank you. I appreciate your perseverance and support. It's almost over. Promise.

Rating: R for violence & non-consensual sex.
Notes: A story in the Bloodties series, set in the Star Trek future/time line, but no ST characters, just the 'Mirror, Mirror' concept.
Characters: Methos, Duncan MacLeod, MirrorMethos, Kronos, Silas, Lucien LaCroix, Original Characters
Summary: When Methos' past becomes part of the present, the consequences could be deadly for those close to him.

If you're new to the series, you can find an overview here.


I Remember You Not Fondly ~ Part Sixteen

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