March 21st, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


Yay! I'd be happier though if a variety of my health issues hadn't decided to stage a sit in all together today. Bleah.

Talked to both my mum and brother yesterday. Brother called me at work, and his first words were 'Everything's okay!', then talked to mum last night. In between it all, we watched 'Enchanted'. And since we were at home, ninjababe and I could dance around the living room during the song and dance numbers [g] Yes, we're goofy, if you hadn't figured that out by now.

A friend of mine emailed last night to see if I want to go to church with her Sunday. I think I need to wait and see if I'm feeling better though. I have been pondering starting to back to church more regularly, so this would be a good start.

Need to decide what to make for dinner tonight. Anyone have any ideas? [g]
Media - Bambi Butterfly

My Awesome Idea

I live to put weird fic ideas in Nin's head, and since she's trying resist, I need to share!

When we were watching 'Enchanted last night, it occurred to me that the magical conduit between here and Andalasia is like a wormhole! So imagine Jack and the rest of SG1 stepping out of the Stargate and realizing they're now animated. Jack and Pip would have excellent snarky banter! Troll would probably follow Sam around like a puppy, and Daniel would decide the Magic Mirror is a device of the Ancients. T'ealc could commune with trees what would actually talk back.

Resistance is futile!
Vintage - Orange Nude

I'm Up Last

ninjababe went to work at 6am this morning, so she's already gone to bed, which means I'm in the rare position of having the computer late. I kind of miss that! I'm sleepy myself, but I'm waiting for some stuff to finish up, so I'm puttering. Decided to read some of my old fic, since that very often gets my muse jump started -- and goodness knows it could use one! We'll see if it works.

We have a new chair. Well, new to us. A coworker needed room after buying a new chair, so he gave me his old recliner. It's in pretty good shape, it's a pretty heather purple/grey, and it's one of the smallish ones, so we were able to squish it into the living room. It'll really be nice having the extra seating when we have company. All I have in the way of furniture is a loveseat and one easy chair.

Okay, back to reading, and cruising the internet :)