February 11th, 2008

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Looks Like 2009 For Sure

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Writer-producer David Fury Says: "24 works best 24 hours in a row. I don't think we'll see it until 2009."

What We're Hearing: Production on this season of 24 stopped short at hour 12. It's not likely they'll finish the final 12 in time for us to get a full season this year. So, mark your calendars for January 2009.

Bah!! I want to see Peter sooner than two thousand bloody nine. Thank goodness for Men in Trees!

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Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

How Writing Changed the World

Humans had been speaking for a couple hundred thousand years before they got the inspiration or nerve to mark their ideas down for posterity.

But when a Mesopotamian people called the Sumerians finally did scratch out a few bookkeeping symbols on clay tablets 5,000 years ago, they unknowingly started a whole new era in history we call, well ... history.

The entire article here.
Taste - Taste of Summer

Dessert Interrupted

Remember I was making Nin the rocky road fudge bar cookies? Well, I pulled out the chocolate she bought, and it was milk, not semi-sweet. So she was going to get some last night at work, but forgot. She just called and said she remembered this time, and is bringing home chocolate. So I'm going to be baking at 9pm tonight! I hope the recipe is worth it.

Other than that, just bumming around. Don't want to start writing since I have to give up the computer when she gets home, and there's nothing worse than being on a roll and having to stop. Hopefully, I can get some more done on Wed. night.

And iTunes seems to think I really love 'That's Amore' from the Enchanted soundtrack, which is a sort of an outtake song they threw on the CD. It keeps playing it! The random on iTunes doesn't seem to work very well a lot of the time. 1120 songs in my folder, and I hear the same song every day!