February 1st, 2008

Methos - Darkness

Highlander Season Five

Here's the roster for S5 discussion:

One Minute to Midnight
The End of Innocence
Glory Days
The Messenger
The Valkyrie
Comes a Horseman
Revelation 6:8
The Stone of Scone
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
The Modern Prometheus

Join me here next week for 'One Minute to Midnight'.

Thanks to everyone who voted.
Nature - Frost Berries

Did My Civic Duty

My primary ballot just went out in the mail, on time this time! And thankfully, there were very few propositions on the ballot this time -- only seven -- so it didn't take forever to fill out.
Media - Keira: Smoke


I have lots of really smart people on my f'list, and smart people who read lots and lots of fanfic. So I'm pretty sure more than one of you can help me out here.

What exactly is hurt/comfort fic? I see the term a lot, and I kinds sorta thought I knew what it was, but now, I have a feeling I don't. I'm not even sure if I've ever read any.

Yes, that's the burning object of my curiosity today [g]
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


the Super Bowl is this weekend. I'm not watching. Am I the only one?

Though I am looking forward to the House episode that airs afterwards!

Anyone have any exciting plans? Me either [g]
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Maybe Not

I decided to try and work on 'Fondly', so am currently rereading what I've already written.

Just so you know, Evil Mirror Universe Methos and the soundtrack to 'Enchanted' don't quite mesh. In fact, it's rather painful in a brain frying sort of way!

That's How you Know That He Loves You, indeed!