January 31st, 2008

Methos - Sin

New Cell Phone Fun

Thanks to ninjababe's tireless efforts, my new cell phone finally seems to be fixed this time [knocks wood] It's the fanciest phone I've ever owned (a Samsung SCH-u740), and I'm still figuring out what it does. Discovered last night that it has a mini photo editing program in it! How wacky is that? I also realized I could send myself photos and turn them into wallpaper. I was torn between Jack Sparrow and Methos, but in the end, I chose the photo the icon I'm using comes from. It's nifty opening the phone and seeing Methos! Maybe I'll have Jack appear when Nin calls me, since you can assign ID photos to callers as well as ringtones.

Speaking of ringtones, all but one are from PotC. The one oddball is 'Set Fire to the Third Bar' by Snow Patrol. I was thrilled to find I could get 'Two Hornpipes' from DMC, and that's now my default. I need to use my phone more obviously, so I actually use the ring tones I have!
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

More Cool Stuff

I really would love to get this book:
The Housekeeping Book of Susanna Whatman

Much of Susanna Whatman's "Housekeeging Book" was written in 1776 during the first year of her marriage to James Whatman, the noted English papermaker. As Mistress of Turkey Court, Kent, Susanna Whatman wrote down detailed instructions for her servants, adding to them whenever necessary throughout the following 24 years. "The Housekeeping Book of Susanna Whatman" offers an engrossing picture of life "below stairs" in one of the great 18th-century English houses.
Nature - Pink!

That's What It Was!

A few weeks ago, I had a vague memory of a TV show set in London with an American cop that wasn't Dempsey and Makepeace. But I couldn't remember what it was called. Cut to tonight, and Miami Vice ends on Sleuth, and a show called Keene Eddie comes on. That was it!! It's all coming back to me now. What a coincidence.