January 21st, 2008

Japan - Winter


Dear god, I just looked at the ten day forecast, and it has rain listed for every single one of those ten days! I'm going to turn into a toadstool at this rate! Maybe I need to get a pair of Wellington boots.
Art - Forest Quill

HL Recs

I see in the latest HL Flash that reccers are needed on the hl_recs comm. In the past, I've toyed with the idea of volunteering, but I've always decided against it. It just seems very intimidating. First off, there's the 'why you should read this' part. If I suck at summaries, explaining why somebody should read a certain piece of fic is something I suck at even more. I get to that part and can't seem to come up with much more than 'Because it's good!', which isn't at all sufficient, I know. Then I'm never sure how many/how often I need to post recs in a month. Or if it has to be a theme, or just fic I like in general.

As you can tell, I'm pondering volunteering again, and once more talking myself out of it. Except this time, I'm typing myself out of it [g]

Errr... that about covers it. As you were.

Later: I volunteered for April, so I have three months to angst.
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That's Better!

The comment thingie from the weekend only tracks comments from the first year of your LJ, and then a commenter on pat_t's LJ mentioned a downloadable program to get the top 100 commenters. I decided to give it a whirl!

Will em_kellesvig keep her crown? Click and see! And please, no wagering. For entertainment purposes only.

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