December 19th, 2007

Holiday - Xmas Glow


I can't believe how close it is to Christmas! Nin and I made out the shopping list last night, and she has it planned that I'll be doing lots of cooking for her [g] I told her to pick what she wants and I'll make it. What a deal! Apparently I'm making her some sort of dark chocolate truffle tart. I'm going to be off Christmas Eve this year for the first time ever, so I'm looking forward to having four days off. But even after all these years, I still miss having Boxing Day.

Went to be early again last night. Then woke up at 11pm and couldn't get back to sleep till 1. However, I did get 600 words into the next QoS story part.I think I'm going to wrap up this particular story with this part two more parts, since it will be a good ending place, then pick the tale up in a new story. And speaking of QoS fic... I'm flabbergasted by the reaction on I've gotten more comments on it than any other one thing I've ever posted there! How freakin' bizarre is that? Who knew there was so many people who actually even watched the show! When I started this, I figured I'd be lucky if two or three people read it in total. Maybe I should quit writing Highlander and write just QoS [g]
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

'Santa Elena Welcomes You' (07/08)

One more part after this and then this particular section of the serial is done! Now I need to think of a title for the next story...

Rating: PG13
Characters: Dr. Robert Helm, Colonel Montoya, Captain Grisham, Tessa Alvarado, Marta, OFC
Summary: Dr. Helm and Tessa find someone quite unexpected on his doorstep, and Colonel Montoya plots to use her to his advantage.

To Follow the West Wind: Santa Elena Welcomes You

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