December 17th, 2007

Nature - Frosted Holly

I Went For Lazy

I went to bed early again! This is becoming a habit. So no part seven, I'm afraid. But since I did get two parts posted over the course of the weekend, I don't feel too guilty. And I made icons! Two batches. And we did lots of shopping. So am I excused?

In other news, ran into an old almost boyfriend at the mall yesterday. I'm assuming the woman he was with was his wife. I'd been told he got married finally a few years ago. Why do I say 'almost boyfriend'? He was a friend that I was crazy about who never actually saw me as a girl. We did Scottish dance together, went to Highland games (he was also a piper), he'd come to our house for Christmas dinner. And over the course of it all, I watched him with one girlfriend after another. I never qualified, and never figured out what quality I lacked. Still don't know to this day. I think I just generally fail at being female. Anyway, I hadn't seen him in years, so it was a little weird. I was actually rather surprised he even recognized me. He seemed a little startled, said 'Hi!" and then scurried away to catch up with his wife. So I bought a skirt at Chicos :) Seemed like the only rational reaction -- buy myself something pretty. And then proceeded to spend several hours wondering what's wrong with me, as far as male of the species is concerned at least. Otherwise the list would be way too long!

And in other other news, am I the only one scanning the Highlander Secret Santa comm frequently to see if your story is up yet? I've been dying of curiosity since my Santa asked me a question about my interests back when we were all first assigned. Can't wait!
Nature - Winter Frost


We just got back from Enchanted and it makes me want to break into song! Seriously, it was the most delightful and enjoyable movie I've seen in many a year. I want to go see it again! And warning, I may commit fic. I have this little Highlander ficlet in my head inspired by the movie. But if you're lucky, the urge may go by the time I'm finished making dinner.

Oh, and I got that dress! I'm not sure, but I think it's a little big. I know it's an unstructured style, but I think it might be a bit too unstructured. I think I need to gain a few pounds and maybe an actual chest. I have no idea what would be involved in altering it. Can't return it, since it was an sale items final sort of thing. But it is so pretty!

Go see Enchanted!!
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Ficlet: 'Dreaming of True Love's Kiss'

So we saw Enchanted tonight. And then we got ice cream, and this ficlet is what popped into my head. If you’ve seen the movie hopefully it will make you smile. If not, well… I have no idea!

Summary: Duncan, Methos, Amanda, and Triona go to see ‘Enchanted’. Totally fluffy with no redeeming social value whatsoever – and proud of it!
Rated: PG -- no chipmunks were injured in the course of this story.

Dreaming of a True Love's Kiss

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