November 23rd, 2007

Japan - Winter

It's Winter

Not technically, I know, but it's cold! Yes, this is the first of many whining posts about how cold the warehouse is. It went down to forty last night, which means the cinderblocks are that temperature, which means my office is COLD! If I didn't have to type, it wouldn't be quite so bad, but my fingers get numb. I have a space heater blowing right on me. Which is only minimally useful. How I wish we had actual central heating. And walls that weren't cement blocks with no insulation. And a cabana boy (just thought I'd toss that in there.

So, now the Santa fic is done, I can actually work on 'Fondly'. I have written some more, but it's still not a part's worth. But I promise, I'm trying! Though I still have a burning desire to write QoS fic. But I refuse! [stamps mental foot]

My nails are made of awesome! I had to order some Xmas gifts from Sephora, so I got myself a bottle of nail polish. It's not as dark a red as I thought it was going to be, but it's very pretty and very shiny.

Tonight, Nin and I are having our 'Thanksgiving' dinner. Since she had to work at three yesterday, there didn't seem much point in making a big meal when she'd have to eat and run. So we're having it tonight. Gnochhi with Wild Mushroom Sauce, and an Apricot Custard Tarte for dessert. In the wine club shipment we got two months ago, there were recipes to go with the two bottles of wine, and we decided it would make a fine alternative Thanksgiving dinner.

Oh, and those crumpets I was making yesterday? Not a crumpet recipe. Maybe to the French, where the rings came from and the recipe that was in the box with them. But they in no way resembled crumpets. They were delicious, but more like buns or dinner rolls. I have one with me for lunch with butter and sharp cheddar cheese.

Now to make tea. Once I add another layer to brave the even colder outer warehouse. Brrr!