November 15th, 2007

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New Grey's and Ugly Betty tonight!

robi_travels arrives tomorrow night for the weekend. I'm thinking a QoS marathon is in order since she's never seen it. We marathoned Firefly last time she was here for the same reason. Fanpires are us! And maybe we'll do a Forever Knight marathon in there as well.

Wingfield Remixed? I got a Google alert about this website this morning. Go figure.

I got my new air mattress in two days ago, and it's one of those tall, real bed height ones. It's very odd sleeping up so high after three years of nearly being on the ground. Much warmer too.

House was great this week! I'm liking this season so much.

Nin works tonight, so I'm hoping to finish my Highlander Secret Santa fic.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Not that I'm doing anything, Nin works that night, and I'll be home by myself, but it's just that it means Xmas is a month away. Where did the year go?

I need to make more Xmas & Winter icons this year [makes note] But fic first!
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Because I'm Feeling Silly

In an earlier post, I said: Wingfield Remixed? I got a Google alert about this website this morning. Go figure. And now I've decided we really need to poll this one. Just because we can.

What could it be?

Peter's starting his own blog.
He's branching into kitchenware sales during the strike.
Web radio station.
One of those face mixing thingies, you know like the Ugly Betty logo.
Something else I shall share with you all in the comments.
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There May Be That Second Episode

One TV show shuts down in B.C., others soon to stop production

...Other American shows filming in B.C. that will shut down over the next few months include Aliens in America, scheduled to stop production eight months early on Nov. 30; Supernatural, four months early on Dec. 5; Men in Trees, three months early on Jan. 15; and Smallville, three months early on Jan. 23.

Fingers crossed that this means Peter will get to film that second episode of Men In Trees! I'm actually looking more forward to him in MiT than in 24, so that makes me happy.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Strike Second Chance For Bubble Shows?

TV Shows See Strike as a Second Chance

In the television business the grim reality of the writers’ strike has set in, with the prospect of a long shutdown of scripted shows growing stronger by the day.

But in what seems to be growing consensus among executives at the television networks, the strike could contain a faint glimmer of good news for one group of shows: struggling, barely surviving prime-time series.
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I Really Could

I really could go to bed right now. It's not even 9pm! Very sad.

You know, as much as I bitch and moan about General Hospital, it's still the only show that can have me crying for a freakin' straight hour! My head is so stuffy now. Ugly Betty and Grey's were both great tonight (I love having an eastern feed of ABC!) and I really wanted to watch SPN too, but I don't think I'll stay awake that long. Maybe I will head to bed. I'll be up late tomorrow, so maybe a few extra hours of sleep would be a good thing.

Oh, meant to add: I didn't just watch TV tonight! Oh no, I washed down all the patio furniture when I got home. Roberta likes to sit outside, and the chairs and table were filthy from the last few rains we've had. Now, it's pristine! At least for a few days!