October 27th, 2007

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'24' Makes Its D.C. Debut This Week

According to Variety:

Show will shoot around the city, including in Georgetown neighborhoods. Gordon hopes to also capture a D.C. politician cameo or two.

While there, the "24" crew will also lense a lot of 180-degree backgrounds into which Sutherland and others can later be inserted via greenscreen. Gordon said the technology has finally gotten to a point where it looks seamless enough -- but it will still be a challenge given the frantic camera style that's a hallmark of the show.

"Some of the technology is amazing now," Gordon said. "You can insert actors onto the Washington Mall and do things you couldn't have done even a few years ago."

I think this is the shoot where we'd read earlier that Peter would would be doing.

I need a 24 icon.
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Saturday is almost over. Nin works tonight, so I tried to get some stuff done. Made keifer, yogurt, and pumpkin banana bread. Washed the kitchen windows. Took out all sorts of boxes and bottles. Watched some stuff on the DVR. Hadn't really planned on watching Blood ties this season, but the cuteness Mike changed my mind. Maybe he could get his own show? [g] So I watched the three episodes on the DVR. Now, I'm going to see if I can get some writing done. Maybe. I hope. Though I really have the urge to watch Forever Knight.