October 20th, 2007

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Pondering My Evening

Nin has to work tonight, so I'm on my own for the next eight hours. Which means I'm bored. Which means..... a poll!!! And many exclamation points!!!

What should Ith do tonight?

Work on the next part of 'Fondly', damnit!
Drink copious amounts of red wine.
Watch a DVD.
Make some sort of icons.
Create more ticky boxes!
Bake something.
Start a new fic.
I have suggestions!
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Journal Fiction Archive

A compendium of fic I've posted here on my journal since March 2006. The entirety of my fiction can be found on my archive, Tales From the Darkwood. But I do tend to be behind updating there by a few months, so the newest fic can always be found here.

  • ::Shattered::
  • ::First Sunrise::
  • ::A View From the Storm::
  • ::Broken Window::
  • ::Irreconcilable Differences::
  • ::Seriously::
  • ::Road to Marseille::
  • ::No Half Measures::
  • ::The Tragedy That We Knew As The End::
  • ::Bajoran Holiday::
  • ::Now We Are Met Again::
  • ::Let Not Your Heart Be Tribbled::
  • ::Regret Eternal I/II::
  • ::Should the Dawn Return::
  • ::Sex on the Beach::
  • ::Monsters::
  • ::Cock-Eyed Optimist::
  • ::Takasago's Pines::
  • ::My Soul Is Dark::
  • ::Not a Chance::
  • ::Lavender at Midnight::
  • ::A Ghost of Winter's Past::
  • ::Fathers Christmas::
  • ::Prove It::
  • ::The Silent Stars Go By::
  • ::The Spaniard::
  • ::Candle In the Window::
  • ::Refuge I & II::
  • ::Family Business::
  • ::Wrapped Around Her Finger::
  • ::By My Side, You'll Never Be::
  • ::Don't You Dare Laugh!::
  • ::The Final Word You Ever Uttered To Me Was Love::
  • ::The Memory Of This::
  • ::Oaths::
  • ::I Remember You Not Fondly::
  • ::The Edge of the Nest::
  • ::Amongst the Stars::
  • ::You Wore Green::
  • ::Make That Two Bottles::
  • ::To the Victor Go the Spoils::
  • ::One Day::
  • ::Silver Service::
  • ::Ancient Whispers::
  • ::Not Without Loss::
  • ::Simple Pleasures::
  • ::Bored Now::
  • ::Ode to a Cane::
  • ::Santa Elena Welcomes You::
  • ::Dreaming of True Love's Kiss::
  • ::I'll Be Home For Christmas::
  • ::So Close::
  • ::Live To Tell::
  • ::He's a Pirate::
  • ::Gone Fishing::
  • ::Of Ninjas & High Heels::
  • ::I Am Going To The West::
  • ::Addiction::
  • ::Practical Applications::
  • ::Real Friends Buy You In-N-Out::
  • ::Tequila Lullaby::
  • ::Art Appreciation::
  • ::Black Isn't My Colour::
  • ::The Currency of Trust::
  • ::My Guardian Dear::
  • ::Four Words::
  • ::At The Edge Of Heaven:
  • ::Charitable Impulses::
  • ::Family Matters::
  • ::A Quarter for Your Shoe::
  • ::When We're From Sorrow Free::
  • ::We'll Sing On::
  • ::No Place For A Lady::
  • ::Untitled Post 'Serpents' Snippet::
  • ::Too Young For Heaven::
  • ::Books and Covers::

  • Forever Knight - Forever

    Moldie Oldie: 'Ancient Whispers' (01/02)

    This is probably one of of my favourite stories, written back in 1998, revised a bit in 2001. The majority of it is set in Ancient Rome. And while Methos isn't actually in it, his presence is definitely felt. This is the alien probe incident referred to in many of the stories written after, the the event that eventually broke Triona and Methos apart. Hard to believe I wrote this nearly ten years ago!

    It's rated R for sexual situations and violence.


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