October 19th, 2007

Japan - Lips


I have the LJ plugin for Firefox, and have been using it happily for several months. But I'd never really looked at the right click options till this morning. The 'insets' are so cool!! The function will insert LJ cuts and LJ users, and format text, and all sorts of other nifty things. I need to experiment.
Art - Shadow Willow

RIP Deborah Kerr

Japan - Charcoal Drawing


Our internet went down about 1030am and just came back. I think I had maybe ten emails over that time and that was it.

Swamped at work, all alone in the warehouse, but now the internet is back, I can try and get payroll done.

I think we're actually going out tonight to see a movie, Lust, Caution. It sounds interesting and I usually like movies set during the time period.