October 14th, 2007

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Sunday Meandering

I have the urge to watch POTC: CotBP. Don't ask me why. The last time that happened, I ended up writing fic. No, no more fic!

Nin's at work till 5pm, so the computer is all mine! I really should try and watch last week's Holby. And eat something. I keep forgetting I made a batch of keifer drink last week, so could have a glass of that. em_kellesvig sent back my Halloween fic, and she didn't hate it, so all's good! I did do some revisions and tweaking, so have sent it back to her for another look over.

Dinner tonight is soba noodles and chicken and veggie stir fry thingie. We have a new Safeway, and it's HUGE! It even has a damned sushi bar in it. Anyway, in the produce section, I actually found a packet of fresh soba noodles! How cool! I've never cooked them before, so we'll see how it turns out.

It's looking like Halloween here. We bought some gourds and little pumpkins, and I got out the box of decorations. And when we were in SoCal last week, we went to Illuminations (we don't have one here) and they had their Halloween stuff on major sale. So we got a votive bat garden stake, one of the haunted houses from the Halloween village set they have, and a bat lantern. They're very cool! Plus, they finally have my favourite scent back in the jar candles: spiced orange. They tend to retire some of their scents every few years, and I hadn't been able to get this one for over two years. I'd forgotten just how much I love the scent!

I should dust. Then the ornaments can go out. Dusting bad. Which is why I put it off for way too long :)

I need purple icicle lights.
Holiday - Halloween Fang Pumpkin

'Silver Service' (01/01)

Notes: I’m going to say very little about this particular story because, well, you’ll see why when you get to the end. I totally blame elistaire and amand_r for getting me into this, but what follows only can be blamed on my twisted brain. It started innocently enough as an idea for my Secret Santa recipient, and then it just got really weird. But it so totally works as a Halloween story! Silver lining and all that. Many thanks to ninjababe and the long-suffering em_kellesvig for feedback, beta, and editing chores.

Rating: R for sexual content (I’m not sure if it’s quite an R, but better safe than sorry).
Character(s): Methos/Amanda, Duncan/Amanda, implied Methos/Rebecca/Amanda.
Summary: Old lovers and old friendships are rediscovered on the doorstep to the future.
Word Count: 2000

Silver Service

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