October 8th, 2007

Forever Knight - Forever


We just got home, Am pooped and have to work tomorrow. We had a WONDERFUL time! I don't even know where to begin, if it was the actors picking up dollar bills from the floor with their teeth or Carlo Rota's adorable dog that he brought with him to his panel. The set visit to 24 came in at $21,000 and the walk on scene at $17,000. Jon was saying that over the last ten years, the charity has raised near to a million dollars, so it was so great being there this year, the last one.

I'll have more details tomorrow.

Night! Or good morning as it were :)

Holiday - Halloween Boo Pumpkin

LCA Friday

I think I'll do this by day to keep myself organized!

We got to Woodland Hills around 430pm, after a really quick drive. We actually made it in a little under six hours, which was excellent time. After checking in, we called tequilajen. She answers her cell, and I hear her shouting that it was okay, it was Denise and April! Turns out she was being scolded for having her cell on and was telling Jayne it was okay, because it was us and we'd arrived. We head down to the ballroom, and come to find there's a panel going on with Torri Higginson and two other guys, and that Jen was on one side of the room and Jayne on the other! Oh yay, we're famous [g] Turns out that our ringtone is the Imperial March too boot! We checked in, got our event bags and badges, hugged Bev, and took our seats.

The panel was just wrapping up and the auction segment started. I'll admit, I'm not a big Weir fan. It's not that I dislike the character, I just don't mind much one way or the other. But Torri is an absolute delight. Funny, sweet, engaging. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to meet her. I won my one and only auction item, a Riddick crew jacket. I've been wanting a windbreaker/rain jacket sort of thing and this was that, so it was practical. And it's a nice dusky blue with grey inserts. Torri came up to me after I'd won and shook my hand and thanked me. Very nice of her!

At this point, I need to explain the 'smut bucket'. It's an LCA tradition to have a smut bucket. Basically it's a receptacle for participants to put money in it whenever they have a naughty thought about one of the guests. One way to create more naughty thoughts is to place bills in front of the guest, and when they bend over to pick it up, more naughty thoughts and more money for the bucket. This year's 'bucket' was Jack Bauer's man-purse aka 'the magic bag'. Over the course of the weekend, there were guests as well as attendees tossing money all over. In front of each other, into the bag, you name it.

Okay, so, cash had been placed in front of Torri and she wanted to be creative about picking it up. So, she did the splits, then picked it up with her teeth! What a gal!

The session ran late, so we dashed back to the room to freshen up before the party/buffet that started at 7pm. Had a drink in the bar, then headed up. The food was great. Finger food, but substantial with an awesome cheese display! I'm a fan of anything that give me cheese. There were also little fancy cakes and tarts and chocolate covered strawberries. The DJ lights were giving ninjababe a headache, so we hung out in the seating areas on the mezzanine so we could still socialize, but not be blinded. Nin and Jen did drink runs down to the bar (they had a specialty cocktail Jen and I were very fond of, and of course, single malts for Nin), and I ate more cheese. So, I'm sitting there, by myself, and who do I see at the party bar? Why Fayed! Actually it was his portrayer Adoni Maropis, but I didn't know his real name then [g] He's absolutely gorgeous! Pardon the fangirl squee here for a moment... SQUEE! And I'm happy to report, he's also a really nice man as well.

After a little more drinking and eating, and visiting with Jayne for a while, we decided to head for our room. Glo had gone on a few hours before since she wasn't feeling well, so Jen hung out in our room for a bit before we all decided it was time to hit the hay!