September 27th, 2007

Grey's - Seriously


I almost never have trouble starting a story, but I have a heck of a time ending one. I actually finished writing 'Just Desserts' last night! But I can't get the end to sound/read right. Nothing works for me. I tried several things, but finally gave up and went to bed. I'm hoping fresh eyes today will help. So much for being able to post it this morning.

Anyone else ever have trouble with endings? Or am I Miss Bizarro again? :)

Methos - Easily Amused

'Just Desserts' (02/02)

The 'frothy summer serial' is done!

To recap, Duncan and Methos have a bet that Methos can get Triona to forgive him before the day ends. At stake are two fine bottles of single malt scotch, not to mention Methos' connubial bliss.

Part One of Just Desserts is here.

The three prior installments: Amongst the Stars, Make That Two Bottles, and To the Victor Go the Spoils.

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Thank you for reading this series through the summer!