August 26th, 2007

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


Thankfully, my hair is now cut. Looks good, was nice seeing Maryanna again, and funnily enough, Aveda has a new men's line and she told me and Nin, "Made for men, borrowed by women." And it is! Guess what hair gunk I came home with? The men's hair clay. It holds my stubborn Scottish hair much better than the Control Paste does. On the not so good side, seems like I got nicked by the razor, above my forehead, just past the hairline. It doesn't really hurt, but I have to remember not to scratch at it.

Since we felt so stylin' we decided to have a pizza actually out in a restaurant! Wheee! Went to Allegro to have out favourite roasted garlic and goat cheese pizza. After, we see a sign in one of the other shops advertising wine tastings. So we head in, and they also have olive oil tastings, which I've always wanted to do. So the owner gave us a crash course on the subject, and we tried four different oils, and I picked a French one from Provence. It even has a cork. Amazing how different they all tasted. Then we moved on to wine. She kept open an hour after closing, chatting, giving us huge samples, and many of them. I finally had to stop her because I wouldn't have been able to walk back to the truck! But we're going to go back after vacation. She's going to teach me more about olive oil, and she has many other Zins for me to try. I would love a job like that!

We finally got home after nine having also done grocery shopping on the way back. I think that will be our last big grocery buy now till after Philly. And guess what? They had orange chocolate Digestives! I've never had that flavour before, but it's orange, and chocolate, and Digestive biscuits. What's not to like?