August 24th, 2007

Taste - Chocolate Martini

A Friday Shindig

It's not going to be a good day when you open your email and the only two comments on your LJ are spam. The same spam as yesterday in fact! Harbinger of Doom? Maybe.

I always thought Steak and Ale pie was a way to get rid of leftover roast. But I couldn't find a single recipe that didn't call for uncooked meat. So I modified one of those recipes using my chunk-o-roast from the freezer. Tonight, just have to pour on the Yorkshire pudding topping and bake it. Then ninjababe is going to colour my hair in preparation of my haircut. Haircut and no gray! Yay!

We got caught up on Burn Notice last night. Damn, I love that show!! It is full of pure awesome.

Was reading some of the comments yesterday of people who've seen the new cut of The Source, and apparently it sucks even more than the Russian one did! Way to go, PTBs! A real accomplishment there.

And in honour of FRIDAY, the comments are open for a free for all, a rumble, a hootenanny, a shindig even! There will be comestibles and an assortment of adult beverages for you to enjoy when you visit. I'll see you there.