August 22nd, 2007

Japan - Lips

I Resisted

I was so set to write a whiny post about how crappy I felt earlier, but you won a reprieve since the medication finally kicked in and I don't feel like a misery quite as much now. Two hours ago, I was about to leave work and go home sick, but now I think I'll stick it out.

Nin's off today, so she's actually going to make me dinner! How cool is that? And it's not taco salad! Or corn bread or Chex mix. Did I miss anything? Oh, yeah, rum balls, not those either [weg]

Last night, I watched Holby, and a whole bunch of Magnum P.I. eppies. They air like four a day, so it's hard to keep up. It's been fun watching the series over again after all these years.

Sorry, still no writing done. I know, I suck. Just haven't felt motivated to write anything since I put up the last part of 'Fondly'. Not even a teensy drabble. I'd hoped to have the damn thing finished before I went to Philly, but that seems unlikely now. But I really will try to get another part done before then. Thank you all for your patience with my squirrelly fic writing habits. I hope, in the end, it will have been worth it. At least a bitty bit :)

Must get more tea now.