August 20th, 2007

Holby - Smoke

No More Dan

Finally officially announced by the PWFC via Peter's agent:

"We can now confirm that Peter has completed all his filming
obligations with the BBC for Holby City, and is back at home in Los
Angeles. The year has been the most extraordinary period work-wise -
exciting, challenging and lots of fun. Personally, it's been very
hard being so far away from family for such a long period. It's full
steam ahead, therefore, in the search for the next role."

A bit later: somebody on one of the Holby forums said he finished filming three weeks ago, and will only be on till mid October. So this is a double bummer if true, since I thought he'd at least be on episodes till late November.

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

On A Brighter Note

We were able to change our flight to leave Wednesday, though it means pretty much no sleep Tuesday night. But if I'm exhausted, maybe I'll be less like to have a panic attack. Or that's what I'm telling myself! Now we're getting in Wednesday dinner time instead of Thursday at 11pm. So nearly an extra day and a half!

We're staying at a different hotel Wed. night, then moving to the Sheraton for the next four. We're also going to do the Tippler Tour Thursday evening, if anyone would care to join us. The guided historical walk is now off because it only runs weekends after Labour Day [pouts muchly] We might do the zoo on Friday, but we haven't made any definite plans. Oh, and it turns out Morimoto has a restaurant in Philadelphia!! Squee! We probably won't eat there, but must have a drink and an appetizer in the lounge at least!