August 11th, 2007

Japan - Blue Girl


I've somehow managed to fritter away the afternoon, and part of the evening, without actually accomplishing much of anything. I rock! Really, I do, if you're a slacker. I did talk to my mum, and started to cry when she told me Tuppence is fading away. He's healthy, but she said he has that... well, I'm going to call it an aura, because I don't know what else to call it... aura that our other elderly kitties had when they were in their last months. He's 16, and a Siamese Manx. He's the perpetual kitten, even now. And he's the last of the original group of cats we rescued, and he's my baby. And I probably won't see him again, and now I'm crying again [takes a deep breath]

Okay. Enough of that.

Anyway, I know I promised a new story part today, so I'll open Word now and see about delivering.

Methos - End of All Things

'I Remember You Not Fondly' (11/20)

Yes, me again posting fic late on a Saturday night. What can I say? I post when I'm done :)

Rating: R for violence & non-consensual sex.
Notes: A story in the Bloodties series, set in the Star Trek future/time line, but no ST characters, just the 'Mirror, Mirror' concept.
Characters: Methos, Duncan MacLeod, MirrorMethos, Kronos, Silas, Lucien LaCroix, Original Characters
Summary: When Methos' past becomes part of the present, the consequences could be deadly for those close to him.

If you're new to the series, you can find an overview here.


I Remember you Not Fondly ~ Part Eleven

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