August 10th, 2007

Japan - Lips


So they started stone cutting again today. Not the usual tile size pieces, but a giant boulder! This time, the boss pulled up the city code to see what decibel levels were allowed. Then we got out one of the decibel meters, and turned out they were way over what was allowed even in an industrial zone. So one of the guys called over and told them, and they said they'd try and come up with something to lower the noise. We'll see what happens!

How glad am it's Friday? YAY!! Next week is car week here and we're going to be slammed, so I'm really going to try and enjoy my days off, because next week will be hell.

Methos - Myth


Realized I'm not entirely sure who all is going to Philly that I know. I'm thinking six, not counting ninjababe. So, a poll! I'll be over here on the bank of the Nile with my studly cabana boys, palm fronds, and a fruity rum drink.

Poll #1037070 Philly with Cheese

Who's going to the PWFC King Tutapalooza?

On the waiting list :(
Give me some of that old time ticky box!

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

There's a Tootsie Roll

There's a Tootsie Roll on Nin's side of the desk. It's calling to me. Now tell me, would it be wrong for me to eat it? I mean, it's sitting there, taunting me! And she put it there, knowing my love of the Tootsie! I think it deserves to be eaten, don't you?

I guess I'll watch General Hospital instead and try and ignore the mocking little brown thing.

So what's everyone else up to tonight?

Taste - Chocolate Martini

Did I?

I think I actually finished the next part of 'Fondly'! No idea how it happened, but I think I did! And just before Nin gets home and I have to relinquish the computer [g] I'll tweak it tomorrow, and maybe will get it posted tomorrow as well. Yeah, big whoop! But it pleases me, k?

And this song that's playing in my Grey's folder on iTunes is cool! I've never heard it before. The Rosewood Thieves -- cool group name. Must be from the Addison spin-off eppie. I have found more awesome music music through Grey's, I swear!

Now I'm going to go read yet more of A Breath of Snow & Ashes and then go to bed.

See y'all tomorrow! (oh, and she told me I can eat the tootsie roll, along with the cute accompanying story!)