August 5th, 2007

Highlander - Friends


Today is when ninjababe's schedule changes. So instead of being off like she usually is, she's working till midnight. Then she's off tomorrow, and works the same through Friday. We still don't know what her schedule is next week. It better be mornings or midday! I think I've figured out how to feed both of us even though we won't see each other for a week. I made her favourite enfrijoladas last night for dinner, which leaves enough leftover for her dinner Tuesday. Oh, and that salsa I made last weekend? It only gets better after sitting and getting happy for a week! I think it's going to become my stock green salsa recipe. I need to see how it freezes.

Yesterday, we finally started on S3 of Slings & Arrows. Oh my goodness, I'm remembering all over why I adore this show. It is so freaking good!! We got through the first 3, eps, with 3 to go.

Tomorrow, since Nin's off, we're finally going to see HP:OotP.

And since I'll be alone all afternoon and evening today, I have no excuse not to write. Though I may make a banana loaf :)

(testing out semajic's dual journal posting function here too)

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Slings & Arrows S3

And that's it, the end of the series, and I'm using a whole bunch of tissues. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a show so much. Here's hoping the spinoff Paul Gross talked about at Sundance comes to be. [crosses fingers and toes]

Seriously, I can't recommend this series highly enough. It's perfect. And, all three seasons are now out on DVD!

Taste - Taste of Summer


Made loaf of chocolate chip banana bread.

Made loaf of lemon tea bread.

Written page of next part of 'Fondly'

Drunk last Cherry Limeaid martini.

Unloaded and reloaded dishwasher -- twice.

Japan - Blue Girl


eldritchhobbit asked me these questions:

1. If you could have any author (alive or dead) read his/her book to you, which author would you choose?

I'd like Tolkien to read the story of Beren and Luthien to me.

2. If your TV could only show one series forever, which series would you want it to show?

A series that already exists: Forever Knight

A series that I'm making up: The Methos Chronicles [g]

3. What's your favorite little "treat yourself" gift you give yourself as a celebration or "pick me up" every so often?

Hmmm.... I can't really think of anything. Err, how about a really nice bottle of red wine and a great steak? Or a bottle of too expensive perfume (my weakness)

4. If you could put one thing to represent you from the present day in a time capsule to be opened 100 years from now, what would you choose?

My great grandmother's locket.

5. If you could be a fly on the wall at one historical event, which one would you choose to witness?

The moon landing.

Methos - Darkness

'I Remember You Not Fondly' (10/20)

I should be in bed, but I wanted to finish this part. Sorry it's been so long, but my muse was on strike!

Rating: R for violence & non-consensual sex.
Notes: A story in the Bloodties series, set in the Star Trek future/time line, but no ST characters, just the 'Mirror, Mirror' concept.
Characters: Methos, Duncan MacLeod, MirrorMethos, Kronos, Silas, Lucien LaCroix, Original Characters
Summary: When Methos' past becomes part of the present, the consequences could be deadly for those close to him.

If you're new to the series, you can find an overview here.


I Remember you Not Fondly ~ Part Ten

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