July 24th, 2007

Highlander - Amanda: Flirt

HLS4: 'Double Eagle'

Highlander Season Four

Double Eagle, Air Date: October 1995

MacLeod's old friend, Kit O'Brady, comes into town in search of a good race horse and a change of luck. MacLeod knew Kit back in Gold Rush San Francisco, when Kit ran the Double Eagle Saloon. Kit lost the Double Eagle to Amanda in a poker game and has blamed her ever since for his string of bad luck -- and he's vowed to kill her. When Amanda chooses to breeze back into MacLeod's life while Kit is there, MacLeod is hard pressed to keep them apart and to keep them from killing each other. ~ recap via tv.com

Next week: Reunion

Art - Wildwood

Bit of an IJ Update

Since the conversation seems to have come around again.

I'm Ithildin on IJ (the one point it has in its favour!) and here I am. I'm not leaving LJ though. I have a permanent account, a huge portion of my friends are here, and I like the way LJ functions. If something earth shattering were to happen that I had to leave LJ, I'd probably just spin off another blog on my domain and then people could track me via RSS on the their f'lists. IJ and GJ are just too annoying interface wise for me to see using them at the same volume I use LJ.

I'll be using IJ has a place to hang out whenever LJ has an outage, and while I'm not going to crosspost everything here there, I will start crossposting fic to keep the account active and as a sort of secondary journal type archive.

So not going anywhere. Sorry, but it looks like you're stuck with me here for the foreseeable future.

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

LCA 10

We're still hoping to go to LCA X, especially as it's probably going to be the last one. I know, I hate participating in auctions, and I want to go a celebrity auction! But it's to see friends I haven't seen in ages, even if I never bid on a single thing, it's always fun. And I was just looking at the updated guest list, and I see Paul Blackthorne of Dresden Files is going to be a guest! He would be cool to meet. Oh, and one of the guys from Sentinel... don't know if it's 'hair guy' or 'grumpy guy' though. Hey, I only ever saw one episode, and that's how I remember them! [g]

Laurie, are you going? We probably won't decide till just before the event. Will have to mind our budget in Philly to have any chance.

Media - Watanabe: Horse

It Wasn't My Fault!

Yes, only this morning I said I'd be at my IJ the next time LJ went down. But I didn't do it! [crosses fingers behind back]

In totally other news, I can't figure out why I'm watching Jericho. It's my big fear. since I was six, I've been certain that a post nuclear future was what awaited, and reading 'Alas, Babylon' in seventh grade just helped reinforce that. It was the reason I didn't watch it when it started in the Fall. But here I am, watching the repeats, freaking myself out [sigh] I'm nuts!

Yay! LJ is back!! But IJ was much fun while it was down :)