July 20th, 2007

Methos - Neck

Eggs & Taters

Nin decided she wanted potato salad again tomorrow, so I'm boiling the eggs and potatoes. Other than that, trying to convince the cat she really doesn't need to live on my lap when it's so hot. Did a little tidying up, and should probably do more, but am feeling decidedly uninspired to do so. I think most of the world is either reading Harry Potter, or waiting in line so they can!

What's Left - Ithildin

Penelope's Song

There's usually a song associated with the fic I write, even if it never makes an appearance in the actual story. It's either a song that I associated prior, or in this case, a song I heard as I was writing in the early days, and it just got to me in the context of the story. For "I Remember You Not Fondly", it's Penelope's Song by Loreena McKennitt.

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