July 19th, 2007

Art - Callanish

Own The Stone

As a restoration fundraiser, you can buy a walkway stone at Culloden.

I've been to Culloden twice, and it's one of the saddest places I've ever visited. I would love to be able to afford to get a stone for my family. If my Uncle Herb actually owned a computer, I'd pass this on to him.

About Culloden

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"Cuimhnich air na daoine on tàinig thu."
* Gaelic for "Remember those from whom you are descended."

Methos - Neck

That's It

I installed the upgrade for Paintshop XI, went through the Timeless screencaps, made one icon messing around with the new PSP XI settings, and now I'm going to do something I don't often do -- sit in bed, watch TV, and read a book.

I'm sleepy!