July 17th, 2007

Taste - Tea

I Succumbed

I felt pretty crappy all weekend, and if I hadn't had to do payroll yesterday, I would have stayed home. But today, I gave in, and called in sick. Luckily, I put the potato salad together las night before I went to bed, so all I need to do is add is the mayo and dinner is done!

On the brighter side, thanks for all the birthday goodies yesterday! The cards, and posts, and comments were lovely! And thanks to pat_t and dragon_within for the virtual LJ goodies!

Nature - Wolf

HLS4: Brothers in Arms

Highlander Season Four

Brothers in Arms, Air Date: October 1995

Friends become enemies and the past is revealed when Immortal Andrew Cord in gunned down and MacLeod discovers the sniper is Charlie DeSalvo, his good friend who used to run the dojo. Charlie, who left MacLeod to fight the good fight in the Balkans with his love, Mara, is after Cord, who murdered her. Dawson knows Cord as the man who saved his life in Vietnam after a mine explosion took his legs and he begs MacLeod not to fight him. MacLeod agrees -- until Cord turns the tables and sets his sights on Charlie. ~ recap via tv.com

Next week: Double Eagle

Media - Bambi Butterfly

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

I never win anything, but!! The local radio station is brining Brandi Carlile in for a private concert next week limited to 100 people, all picked from entries submitted this week. I can not tell you how out of this world thrilled I'd be if I got to go!! So keep your fingers crossed that I'm one of the winners!