July 10th, 2007

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

HLS4: Homeland

After a bit of a hiatus, weekly Highlander episode discussions are back.

Highlander Season Four

Homeland, Air Date: October 1995

MacLeod bought a Celtic bracelet once given to the love of his mortal life and after her tragic death he buried it with her. He returns to Glen Finnin to return the bracelet to her grave and learns of several gruesome ritualistic killings based around the one immortal who killed Mac's father. Naturally Mac must get to the bottom of the killings and keep his head in the process. ~ recap via tv.com

Next week: Brothers In Arms

Quote - Shall Not Pass!

Interactive Reader Mechanism

Otherwise known as a poll!

Should I write a third part to 'Amongst the Stars' and 'Make That Two Bottles'?

Should Ith write a third part?

Yes, but only if it somehow involves Methos, naked, covered in honey and staked out as bear bait.
You write? Really? Huh!
No, you should write something entirely different that I shall dictate to you in the comments!
I don't care! I only want ticky boxes and tequila.

Will Methos win the bet with Duncan?

I hope not, because then Methos will be in Duncan's tent and we can make up our own story!

BTW, I did make a start on the next part of 'Fondly', but then my mum called, and then Nin came home sick from work, and the combo pretty much knocked my muse upside the head. Will start up again tonight!

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


I will write that third bit. But happy story needs to be put aside for a bit while I work on the next part of angsty not happy story. I just realized I'll be out of town this weekend, so I need to get this part done! At a minimum!

I can do it. I can. Really.