July 3rd, 2007

Media - Bambi Butterfly

I Guess A Lot Of Folks Are Away

It's quiet here and quiet at work. I have tomorrow off, though ninjababe has to work, so my Fourth of July will be celebrated in front of the TV watching televised fireworks [g]

The sun's sort of starting to peep out here, but it's almost always foggy here on the 4th, so everyone can watch the lovely coloured fog display!

And since I'm off tomorrow, I can stay up late and maybe actually get to watch Holby tonight!

Media - Bliss Rose

'Bliss' S3

It's coming out on DVD September 25.

The third season of the Award winning Oxygen Network series, presented in its original full-length un-edited versions. “Bliss” explores the desires, passions and fantasies of women. CAST: Peter Wingfield, Sebastian Spence, Claudia Besso, Zoie Palmer, and Jessica Greco.

More info here.

Later: LOL! I'm a freakin' Google Alert! I have Peter set as a Google Alert, and I was just sent this post! First time that's ever happened :)

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Go Me!

I've written more than 800 words tonight! Not quite a part as I see it, but getting there. hopefully, I'll get a completed part up by Thursday [fingers crossed]