June 19th, 2007

Nature - Pink!

Ask Me

It's that time again for the 'ask me' meme.

Ask me a question, personal, fandom, fic. If you've ever had a burning desire to know something, now's your chance. However I do reserve the right to reply with a silly answer if the real answer would be too TMI [g]

PotC - Jack: Horizon


One of my favourite songs from my younger days is 'Brandy'(One of my other faves was 'Wildfire' -- it's all about the angst!). I guess I've always had a thing for sea captains [g] I want to find a copy of it somewhere, since I haven't heard it for ages, so went looking around the web and come to find Kenny Chesney has covered it. I thought I had all his CDs, but I must be missing one, because I've never heard his version. And apparently, Red Hot Chili Peppers did it too, but I wouldn't know anything about that!

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What's Left - Ithildin

My Useless Memory!

I realized I never finished the DVD commentary that dejla requested for 'Should the Dawn Return'. I felt very guilty. So I opened up Word, found the file, and... discovered I did finish it. Checked my tags, and came to find that not only did I finish it, but I also posted it! Gah! I swear...


Okay, so since that's done after all, I'm opening the floor to another DVD commentary request. Maybe I'll actually remember this one! And I need a distraction from writing the latest fic.