June 18th, 2007

Media - Watanabe: Horse

Not Even the Phone is Ringing

Another chapter in how quiet it is today.

No phones even! I think I've answered the phone like three times since 8am. And since even the techs are bored, we're fighting to pick up first! [g] What makes it worse is that I didn't sleep much last night. Every so often, my heart goes too fast, and it keeps me from sleeping. Had one of those bouts last night. So the quiet makes it hard to keep my eyes from closing. I go to lunch in about 1/2 hour, so might take a nap for an hour.

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Some Progress

Yes, I've got a little more written! Nearly a 1000 words, but no where near the end of the part as I foresee it. So probably no new part tonight, but tomorrow, I hope. Unless I get distracted by making DW icon [looks plaintively at Paintshop]. If that happens, all bets are off!

Other than that, working through my DVR and watching ep after ep of House Hunters.

Taste - Wine & Cheese

Am Content

The real reason I actually make a roast beef is for the Yorkshire pudding and gravy. I admit it! Now ninjababe doesn't like either -- she's a freakish creature -- so I GET IT ALL!! I just finished off the last of the Yorkshire and gravy from last Sunday's roast. Mmmmmmmm!! Life is good! [sips some more Zin]

Methos - Darkness

'I Remember You Not Fondly' (07/20)

Rating: R for violence & non-consensual sex.
Notes: A story in the Bloodties series, set in the Star Trek future/time line, but no ST characters, just the 'Mirror, Mirror' concept.
Characters: Methos, Duncan MacLeod, MirrorMethos, Kronos, Silas, Lucien LaCroix, Original Characters
Summary: When Methos' past becomes part of the present, the consequences could be deadly for those close to him.

If you're new to the series, you can find an overview here.

What I thought I was going to write underwent some mental revision. So this part is a little different from what I initially anticipated.

Hope you enjoy this next part of the story.


I Remember You Not Fondly ~ Part Seven

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