June 8th, 2007

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Ask me anything you want about any of my stories: how I thought of the idea, what I did to write it, what I was thinking when I wrote it, what I feel about it now, what I wish I'd done differently, etc. Or ask any of the characters from particular stories something you want to know, and get an answer from them. Or both.

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It's going to be a dead, dead day here at work, so boredom looms on the horizon. So I'm looking for things to keep me occupied. Be afraid!!

Forever Knight - Master

'Oaths' (01/08)

Since this was never publicly archived, I'm going to post it here. As I mentioned last night, this is the original version of the story before I had to edit it down to a PG13 for the FKFIC email list.

Rated: R for sexual content and violence
Summary: LaCroix is confronted by his mortal past in Ancient Rome one Toronto night. Can he right the wrongs of two thousand years ago, or are some regrets eternal?

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A Giant In the World of Dragons

J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Children of Hurin' is on my to read table. Might even try to get to it this weekend. In the meantime, here's an article on the book (though they keep spelling 'Hurin', 'Hurim'!)

An excerpt:
....Indeed, it is a tale of unremitting blackness. The elves we meet here are even icier and more callous than those of the Lost Tales; and the hero is so flawed, so "wronged" and so ruthless, and so weighed down with suffering that his death is something of a relief.

Only at the very end does his father return from Morgoth to find what has happened and to watch their mother, Morwen, in despondency. It would make a wonderful opera.

Now the army of Tolkien imitators and creators of alternative universes fill the fantasy sections of the libraries. They are books largely written by and for nerds.

Yet with the master, it isn't so. In this new book, as in The Silmarillion, you feel yourself in the presence of a personal genius.

It is an odd thing to say, since his aim was to create an impersonal mythology, and you can see the affinities it has with Hebrew, Greek and Nordic equivalents. The ineluctable tendency for events to go wrong, and for the beautiful and the delicate to be vanquished, knows no let-up.

Yet, though there is not one word of preaching in The Children of Hurim, you never doubt that it is worth being good, even though evil triumphs.

You close it thinking how extraordinary was the life of Tolkien, who for well over half a century, while pursuing an academic career, continued to evolve - unpublished and without much encouragement - a self-contained world of myth.

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

I Am

Yes, I am writing! And before you ask, yes, it's more of the 'Mirror' story. I think I'm tired enough and have had enough wine that I can push past my squeamishness. Don't know if I'll get an entire part done tonight, but will try to get most of one done.