May 28th, 2007

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Home Again

We had a very nice time. Saw AWE again on Saturday night, and picked up bits and pieces we missed the first time around. I was so tired this weekend, I never made it into the hot tub. In fact, I even went to bed before Dave. And that's unheard of!

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One More AWE Post

Just a collection of bits and pieces of thoughts from my two viewings. Would love to discuss the movie, so if anyone wants to talk about something I didn't mention, please feel free!

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A Bit Later: Been reading the script writer's forum and have added some bits from there.

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One Of My Pet Subjects

I've been reading through a lot of the forum where the two writers of the the POTC movies hang out. The following is a comment by Ted Elliot. It's not a spoiler, though the thread it comes from is. So if you want to read the whole spoilery bit, go here. But the comment/question itself is something I've talked about in the past.

Here's a concept:

Is it possible for a relationship between a man and woman, even a man and a woman who are attracted to each other and have great on-screen chemistry, to have value to each of them and be important to their development as human beings *without* a romantic/sexual component?


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I'm sure there's something else I could be doing, but I'm currently infatuated with the soundtrack for 'At World's End', and am listening to it over and over. I'm like that with music when something really grabs me. In the case of a soundtrack, it allows me to relive the movie in my imagination (that weird Cinerama brain of mine). And right now, I'm in a POTC squee cycle. I'll get over it in a few weeks, no doubt [g] But for now, my obsession is all Pirates of the Caribbean, all the time.

I am so glad that Johnny Depp is amenable to doing another one! My hero!

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