May 18th, 2007

Grey's - Ruler of All Evil

A Little Late Now the Season Is Over...

but there's always next season!

Here's the deal -- while I'm watching Grey's and after it's over and I'm pondering it, I always seem to have these little ficlets running around in my head set in my Grey's/HL series. I've never given in to the urge to write one, because it seemed a little weird to want to write a fic to go with each episode. Last night, I really, really wanted to write one. Mostly it was about Collapse ) The urge seems to be growing!

So now I wonder if I should start writing them, get it out my system.

Maybe after I finish the WIP that starts at the end of last season/beginning of this one. It would solidify a little more what's going on with Emily and Methos, so it would (hopefully) tend to make the episode set fics make a little more sense.

I don't know. Just consider this my Friday afternoon ramble into the Twilight Zone!

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

What Should I Do?

Nights like this, I wish Nin didn't work nights. I like having company, especially on Friday, which always seems to be a long night. It's not like I don't have dozens of DVDs to watch, but it's not the same when you can't talk about it [g]

Yeah, I'm a lonely spinster [hangs head]

So I'm spinning my wheels. Should I start rewatching old TV series? Or clean the apartment? (that's not my favourite choice!) A movie? Spam my f'list?

Taste - Tea

So Me!

Pillaged from cyberducks (who oddly enough , isn't a duck)

Your Power Bird is an Owl

You are beyond wise. You are so smart, you're almost prophetic.
Your inner voice always speaks the truth, and you take the time to listen to it.
You are good at seeing who people are... including the darkness of others.
As a result, you tend to have a rather dark - yet realistic - outlook on life.

As a result, you tend to have a rather dark - yet realistic - outlook on life. What are they? Mind readers or something? LOL