May 15th, 2007

Highlander - Friends

Highlander Episode Discussions

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the Highlander episode discussions. Or not. I decided to put them on a little break for now, so we can take a breather before starting season four. They should be back in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I've tried different days for the discussions, but would like to know what day works best for you all. So, POLL!

Let's discuss Highlander on...

Any day works for me
But why is the rum gone?

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Rediscovering a Lost Love

We've had something of a 'Christy' marathon the last two nights, and it's been great. You know, sometimes, you watch a show after not seeing it for many years, and you end up wondering why you loved it so much back then. Not so with 'Christy' -- I'm falling in love with it all over again. Now I remember why I was heartbroken when CBS canceled it in favour of 'Touched By An Angel'. I wish Catherine Marshall had written a sequel, or that they'd do a follow up movie that reconnected with the characters ten years later. I want to meet Christy and Neil's children, and see where the schoolchildren ended up, and find out if David found someone else to love. But mostly, I just to visit with them all one more time.

Media - Bambi Butterfly

Fall Season Taking on Foreign Air

Can't help but hope that this trend bodes well for Peter's career here.

It's crunch time for TV studios' business affairs departments, but this year it seems as if they're spending as much time preparing work visas for the shows' stars as they do closing deals for new series.

A trend that emerged during the pilot-casting season comes into focus this week when the networks pick up their new series: Foreign actors are playing the leads on a staggering number of new dramas next season.

There have been a few here and there -- Brit Hugh Laurie of "House" and Australian Anthony LaPaglia of "Without a Trace," both Emmy winners for their roles on the shows -- but never quite like this. It's across the board on every network, and it's massive.

The entire article here.

A few names I'm happy to see listed: Miranda Otto and Jack Davenport! Both have TV series. Miranda in 'Cashmere Mafia' and Jack in 'Swingtown'.

What's Left - Ithildin

Ithildin Quest Mark II

Several of you have asked how the renaming goes, so I thought I'd share some of the poll results. The most popular choice? Keep my current name. Second place went to ithildin_nire. In the suggestions box were, ith_ith, ithildin_true, Only_Ithildin, Ithildin_nasie, ith_ith_ith, ithildin_honeybug, ithildin_truths, Always_Ithildin & ithildin_alta. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

What am I going to do? Not a klew. Probably just think about it some more and see how I feel about it a bit later.

Taste - Tea

Keep Suiting Up!

The last show I was waiting to hear about, How I Met Your Mother, has been picked up for another season! Wheeee! This has turned out to be a darned good TV year for me. I think pretty much every show I really enjoy had made it to next season. We are pleased!