May 5th, 2007

Japan - Peach Blossoms

Drowned in F'list!

Wow! Could not believe how many posts were on my f'list today! Finally caught up though.

It's Saturday, and it's Cinco de Mayo, which is a big deal here in CA, and it's a big drinking sort of holiday, so we're staying in tonight, not that that's unusual, but the places we'd usually go to will be jammed. But I am making ninjababe my now infamous Chipotle Bacon Tacos and she's making mojitos, so dinner will be good.

Other than that, our goal is to catch up on two weeks of TV: DW, SPN, UB, SGA. and Nin needs to add House, GA, and Gilmore Girls to that since I'm caught up those.

Excellent article here on At World's End. I'm getting so excited! Oh, and I got the kewlest pirate sweater/jacket when I was Dland!

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Forever Ithildin

If you've been following along, you know I'm thinking of trying to be Ithildin here on LJ. Except I don't want numbers. So it would have to be ithildin_something (though forever_ithildin sounds cool, but it's too long [pout] LJ limits you to 15 characters) See, I've been Ithildin since 1995, and when I got an LJ, I never actually thought I'd ever use it as more than a commenting account. Yes, I was wrong. LJ has sucked out my soul. Anyway, I ended up picking a username on the spot, without thinking much about it. Ithidrial was an Elvish name I'd created for something once upon a time, and it had "Ith" in it, which is what most people call me.

So, I went through an English/Elvish dictionary, and came up with some likely combos. I may end up just sticking with ithidrial since I'm not sure it wouldn't confuse people to switch, but we'll see. Comments and suggestions welcome!

Poll below!

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