May 4th, 2007

Taste - Wine & Cheese

Hey, Kids!

It's Ithy-Doodie time!

No, I haven't had that much drink. I blame medelle for frying my brain with Frank sex tapes. (don't ask)

So I'm watching DVRed 'House Hunters' (they have PUGS!!!), drinking Shiraz, and trying to decide what to do with my evening. Ideas welcomed!

And then there's my Ithildin dilemma. Read the comments of this post for background. If I were to switch LJ user names, what could I use that incorporated 'Ithildin', but didn't have any numbers in it? Yes, I'm attached to it! I've been Ithildin since 1995! Toss me your ideas! I may not end up switching, but it could be fun :)

More f'list spam as the night proceeds. Run awayyyyyyyyyy!